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21 Of the Best Home Renovation Ideas for Your Home in Australia

Renovating your house is not an easy task. It requires proper planning, budgeting, and professional help. Right from your house exterior to your bathroom and kitchen, we’ve compiled the best home renovation ideas to help get you a fabulous home makeover.

1. Give Your House Exterior A Fresh Makeover

What we see we like! An eye-catching exterior will leave a lasting impact on your home. The slight but noticeable change to your house exterior will immediately make a major impact on your home. Not much but just a fresh coat of paint will transform your house exterior.

2. Give A Luxurious Touch with Steel-Framed Doors and Windows

Steel-framed doors and windows are becoming popular these days. If you prefer lighter shades for your house, as well as a luxurious sense, dark doors and windows will make a huge difference in the overall look.

3. Colourful Bathroom

White tiles are basic. Switch to colourful marble tiles and transform your bathroom into something fun and soothing.

4 Add A Beautiful Mudroom

A mudroom is a casual secondary entrance that is located at a side or back entry. Adding a mudroom can give your house an aesthetic transformation.

5. Create A Kitchen Island

The kitchen is called the heart of the home since it’s a perfect place for the entire family to enjoy tasty meals and happy conversations. Build a wide kitchen island where your guests can lounge and help the host prepare some aperitifs at the same time. 

6 Balance the Light and The Dark

If you are looking for home renovation ideas on a budget, this is what you need to do now! Add a little bit of drama with a dark wall or dark furniture. Whites might make your space look bigger, but a hint of dark shade will balance out the aesthetic of your home and add depth to the rooms. 

7 Jazz Up Your Bathroom with A Walk-In Shower

walk-in shower

Walk-in showers are the biggest bathroom design trend these days. They are easy to clean and amplify your bath experience.

8 Your Study Corner

Turn a spare and unused space at your house into a creative study corner where you can store your books and study.

9 Add an Element of Fun with Colourful Doors

Experiment with fun colours and uplift your mood by adding colourful doors to your house. If you have kids, they will love this new transformation.

10 Butler’s Pantry

Having a butler’s pantry at your home can provide the perfect space for storing all your cooking and cleaning. You can add both open and closed cabinets according to your storage need.

11 Barn Door

Barn doors or sliding doors save space, separate the zones of a house, and are easy to deal with. You can choose from a variety of materials and designs which suit your house best. 

12 Heritage Details for Old Homes

Maintain original heritage features

One of the best renovation ideas for old homes is to maintain their original heritage features. The original skirtings, ceiling roses, and mouldings add beauty to your house.

13 Walk-in Closet for Luxurious Aesthetic

The Walk-in closet has been in trend before the walk-in shower. You can perfectly store your clothes and shoe collection in your walk-in closet, which brings a sense of luxury and spaciousness. It’s a great house renovation idea for interiors.

14 Outdoor Shower

If you have a beachside home, nothing can beat a pool in the backyard and an outdoor shower in the garden. Outdoor showers are perfect for a beach lover. They can rinse off the sand and dirt before entering the home.

15 Open Plan Living for Bigger Families

Open-plan living is gaining popularity amongst most Australian homes. However, open-plan living might have a few drawbacks. It’s best to work with your home renovation company and figure out a suitable layout for your home.

16 Regular Banquette Seating

Banquette seats help create enough seating in your dining room. This sitting arrangement looks fantastic and is also a low-maintenance option for homeowners.

17 Window Seat with Extra Storage

There’s nothing better than reading your favourite book sitting near a window watching the rain pouring down on your window. Window nook is the ideal location for this. Add a window seat in your home where you can lounge and read books. Don’t forget to add drawers and cabinets for that extra storage space in your window seating.

18 Laundry Room Renovation

When it comes to thinking about renovation ideas on a budget, renovating your laundry space will be a great investment. It’s a great way to keep your house neat and tidy.

19 Install Servery Window

Add a servery window to your kitchen and keep the whole family together. You can install a servery window in both big and small houses.

20 Brighten Up Your Interiors with A Skylight

Introduce natural light in your home with skylights. These lights will brighten up even the darkest spaces inside your house.

21 Kitchen Renovation

One of the most important home renovation ideas includes kitchen renovation. Create a perfect, fully efficient modern kitchen for your home. Consult a kitchen renovator for kitchen layout.

Best kitchen renovation ideas in Sydney

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